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Private coaching

I am available for private coaching sessions.


I believe that every individual possesses incredible potential, and together, we can uncover the depths of your inner strength. Whether you seek clarity in a chaotic world, want to overcome obstacles that hold you back, or want to learn new strategies for managing stress, our private sessions will be a catalyst for positive change in your life.


When you meet with me one-to-one, you will get tailored support and guidance and have an opportunity to ask questions that are specific to you.

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Are private coaching sessions right for you?

With private coaching sessions, you have an opportunity to make progress more quickly than in a group setting.

People book private sessions with me for various reasons. I have put some examples below but this is not an exhaustive list.


Examples of when you might benefit from a private session:

  • There is a specific challenge you are facing at work or at home that you'd like to bring more clarity and calm to. We can discuss the various aspects of this challenge and I can guide you to a fresh perspective or share techniques and insight that can help manage it.

  • You want to find new ways to manage stress. We can discuss techniques and approaches to access inner peace. We can also explore the things that take you away from your inner calm and discuss how to bring more awareness to them.

  • You have a very active mind. We can review ways to let go of unproductive thought patterns.

  • You want to enhance your overall well-being by adding meditation or mindfulness to your life. We can discuss how to set up a personal meditation practice and how to do specific meditations that may work best for you. We can also discuss the ways in which you can add informal (mindfulness) practices to your  life.


Private sessions are for you if…

  • You are open-minded and curious about accessing inner calm and the various techniques I use to help you achieve that.

  • You are kind. I try to be kind in all I do and will only work with kind people in return.

  • You are ready to learn and do the work. To really make progress, a certain amount of commitment by you is required.

"Profound. One word that best describes the impact of working with Stephanie. It's like the difference between seeing the world through a thick fog on a dark night, vs. viewing it from a 10,000-foot summit on a bright, clear, sunny day. Stephanie will guide you to the summit, and give you the tools to stay there."

Warren S., Senior Credit Manager

Why work with me?

My approach is built on nearly two decades of experience in high-pressure corporate roles and is underpinned by master's level business education, extensive experience guiding others, and a foundation of research that includes over 400 hours in yoga and meditation teacher training.

I'm all too familiar with the unique challenges that can accompany professional jobs. Throughout my career, I've had to learn how to manage my overactive thoughts, my reactions to the unexpected, my self-doubt, and the various ways in which I hold myself back or keep myself stuck in a web of stress and fear.

This puts me in a unique position to relate to and help you.


My methodology in private sessions is gentle but effective. I connect with others through sincerity and empathy. I am very open about my own struggles and triumphs regarding accessing inner calm, staying engaged, and maintaining my well-being.

My private coaching sessions include a combination of discussion, contemplation, and active practice whereby I guide you through at least one technique, such as breathwork, mindfulness, or visualization. 

Here are some details about private coaching sessions with me.

Private sessions are 60 minutes in duration.

The cost for private coaching sessions starts at $150 plus 13% H.S.T.

Once I receive your application form, I will contact you to book a  free 20-minute consultation to ensure alignment.

I accept a limited number of private clients at a time. If I don't have availability, I will put your name on a waitlist and let you know when a spot becomes available.

Private sessions are conducted remotely, either via a phone call or over Zoom. 

If you are interested in doing private sessions with me, you must complete an application form.

If we decide that private sessions are right for you, I will send you a link where you can purchase and book our first session together.

Apply for private coaching sessions with me.

Thank you for applying for private sessions with me.
I will review your answers and contact you shortly at the email address provided to set up a consultation.

Time is our most precious resource. So, if I feel that we would not be a good fit, I will respect your time and mine by declining your request for a consultation or private sessions. I will also decline your application, if you do not fill out most of the fields in the form.

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