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Keynote Speaking

I am an enthusiastic yet professional communicator and am comfortable connecting with all types of audiences. Sharing insights, advice, and ideas with others energizes me.  My presentation style is engaging and relatable. I share my knowledge in simple yet effective ways, using storytelling and humour. I am dedicated to delivering powerful and thought-provoking presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience. My keynotes are designed to ignite minds and empower your people with fresh insights and ideas.

Audience sitting in rows in a conference room, listening to a presentation.


From Banker to Entrepreneur:
What I Wish I'd Known Then

In this engaging and insightful keynote, I share the many things I've learned as an entrepreneur that I wish I'd known during my 17 years as a banker.

From perspectives that would have made it even easier to think like and connect with my banking clients to work habits that would have made me even more effective as a banker, I'll reveal key insights I gained during my transition to entrepreneurship. 

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Balance in the Fast Lane: A High Performer's Lessons for Inner Calm

In this deeply personal keynote, I share my own journey from being perpetually stressed-out to finding inner calm and balance... without sacrificing performance. I'll divulge the key mindset shifts and practices that allowed me come back to myself and how I integrated these with my passion for excellence and drive for success.

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