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About me.

I am the founder of LORA Concepts Inc. and a workplace effectiveness, engagement, and

well-being facilitator and consultant.

I have nearly two decades of experience in the high-pressure world of financial services.

I held increasingly senior roles in business development, treasury consulting, credit underwriting, strategy, employee enablement, and adult learning.


I enjoyed and benefited from each of these opportunities but I also experienced the many challenges that can accompany them.

I love to do good work, for the pure joy of it. I love to push myself. I love to work hard.

But, I used to push and push and, in my quest to do great work, I would sacrifice my

well-being, time and again.

I once believed that, in order to do a great job, I had to compromise my well-being and happiness. 

But now I know there is another way.

Now I know that it is possible to kick ass without kicking my own ass in the process.

I had to learn the hard way to build compassionate confidence in myself.

That's why I'm so passionate about helping others build compassionate confidence in themselves.

It is possible to crush it without crushing yourself. Let me show you how.

Stephanie Edward, a white woman, with brown hair and brown eyes. Stephanie is wearing a white shirt and smiling into the camera.

I am guided by the following principles, which are the inspiration for my company name.









I know what it's like.
I have been there.

The intense workloads.

The thrill of closing the deal.

The pressure of presentations. 

The challenge of trying to be a good people manager while meeting your own needs.

Wanting to relate to your clients but not knowing where to start.

The stress of deadlines. 

The frustration of red tape and shifting priorities.

Having too much to do and struggling to focus on even one.

The challenge of collaborating with myriad personalities.

Believing so much in yourself in one moment and doubting everything in the next.

Having a job you enjoy but being overwhelmed.

Having a job you do not enjoy and not knowing how to cope.

The paradox of being confident and capable yet fearing failure.

I can help professionals navigate these situations.

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