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Stephanie knows what it's like.

Stephanie Edward is the founder and president of LORA Concepts Inc.

She has a unique combination of training and experience that enables her to relate to people's challenges and offer practical advice for navigating them.  

Stephanie has two decades of experience in high-pressure professional roles in areas including business development, credit underwriting, sales strategy, employee engagement, and adult learning. 


​She has enjoyed and benefited from each of these opportunities. However, she has also experienced the stressors that can accompany day-to-day life in these types of roles.   

Stephanie brings LORA Concepts Inc. to life through a down-to-earth and genuine approach. To do this, she draws not only on her experience in the corporate world, but also on years of personal yoga and meditation practice, 400+ hours of yoga and meditation training, 7+ years of yoga and meditation instruction, graduate business education, research, and life experiences.

Throughout her professional career, Stephanie has applied concepts from meditation, mindfulness, and yoga philosophy in practical ways to her own life. She has been blown away time and again by how the concepts from these ancient traditions have improved many facets of her life in very pragmatic ways and loves to share these tips with others.

She established LORA Concepts Inc. to formalize what she has been doing for years: Helping others manage stress, build confidence, increase inner peacefulness, and generally be their best.

LORA Concepts Inc. is an extension of who she is and what she has been doing for so much of her life.


Stephanie has been there. She knows what it's like.

The intense workload.

The thrill of closing the deal.

The pressure of presentations. 

The stress of deadlines. 

The frustration of red tape and shifting priorities.

Having too much to do and no idea where to start.

Believing so much in yourself in one moment and doubting everything in the next.

Having a job you enjoy but being overwhelmed.

Having a job you do not enjoy and not knowing how to cope.

The paradox of being confident and capable yet fearing failure.

Stephanie can help navigate the stress that often accompanies these situations.