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Mindful Interludes and the Four Feel Good Hormones.

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In my last newsletter, I introduced the concept of “mindful interludes”. I hope that gave you some incentive to add these uplifting moments to your day. (I have been posting mindful interlude inspiration on Instagram almost daily. So, follow me there, if you'd like regular ideas!)


Mindful interludes are NOT “woo”. There are concrete, physiological reasons that back making space for mindful moments or positive pauses in your day.


Consider this: What we experience as stress is the release of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. When stress feels “bad”, it’s often merely because too much cortisol and adrenaline have accumulated in our bodies.


To get back to feeling better, we can offset those excess stress hormones by taking steps to boost our “feel good” hormones. This is where mindful interludes come in! They help boost the four feel good hormones: dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin.


Feel good hormones are your friends! Get to know them and what they "like".

Feel Good Hormone #1: Dopamine

Nickname: The Reward Chemical

Competition ribbon.

Is good at:

  • Making you feel good when you achieve something.

  • Motivating you to keep going

  • Helping you feel proud when you reach your goals.



  • Setting and achieving small, manageable goals, even something as mundane as doing the dishes.

  • Engaging in activities that provide a sense of achievement, like learning a new skill or completing a project.

  • Celebrating accomplishments, including even small progress towards a goal.

Feel Good Hormone #2: Serotonin

Nickname: The Happiness Hormone

Rainbow above smiling cloud.

Is good at:

  • Being your brain’s mood booster.

  • Helping you feel happy and content.

  • Finding joy in the little things.



  • Spending time outside, especially in sunlight.

  • Meditating or practicing mindfulness.

  • Writing in a gratitude journal.

Feel Good Hormone #3: Endorphins

Nickname: The Pain Relievers

Heart with pulse line.

Are good at:

  • Being natural painkillers and mood lifters.

  • Giving you a natural high during workouts.

  • Making you feel euphoric during intense experiences like playing a tough sport or riding a rollercoaster.



  • Engaging in aerobic exercise, like running, cycling, or dancing.

  • Listening to uplifting music.

  • Laughing hard by watching funny shows or spending time with funny people.

  • Eating spicy foods.

Feel Good Hormone #4: Oxytocin

Nickname: The Love Hormone

Two figures hugging.

Is good at:

  • Making you feel close to others.

  • Strengthening your bonds with friends and family.

  • Making you feel warm and fuzzy inside.



  • Hugging loved ones.

  • Holding hands.

  • Getting a massage.

  • Cuddling with loved ones or pets.

  • Participating in social activities.

  • Volunteering or doing acts of kindness.

Now not only do you know about the four feel good hormones but you also have a bunch of ideas for mindful interludes!


Let me know what you think of these ideas, if you try any of them out, or if you have questions. I'd love to hear from you.

With gratitude,


LORA Concepts Inc.

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p.s. The information, insight, and advice I share through my work is meant to exist alongside whatever else you may be doing to bolster your mental health, manage stress, or improve your well-being. Nothing I share is meant to replace directives or treatment plans provided by your doctor, therapist, or other healthcare professional.



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