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Corporate Training

My corporate training sessions will bolster your team's confidence, engagement, and effectiveness by empowering them with relatable and easy-to-implement ideas and tactics. 

I am an enthusiastic yet professional facilitator and am comfortable connecting with all types of audiences. Sharing insights and ideas with others energizes me.  My presentation style is engaging and relatable. I share my knowledge in simple yet effective ways, using storytelling and humour. My workshops and interactive presentations include a combination of lecture, self-reflection, discussion, group activities, open questioning, and live breathing, visualization, and meditation practices. 

Organizations use my sessions in a variety of ways: as part of existing programming, such as leadership development programs, employee onboarding programs, capability development programs, and team-building events, as standalone professional development, wellness, or "lunch and learn" events, or as a means of kicking off, wrapping up, or providing complementary content for conferences and meetings. 

Click below to explore the various training sessions I offer.

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