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Three Reasons to Add Mindful Interludes to Your Day

Updated: Apr 5

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I want to introduce you to the concept of mindful interludes. I did not invent this concept. I first learned about this through Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe in her fabulous book, Stress Wisely, where she calls them joyful moments. I also learned about these through my wonderful business coach Finka Jerkovic, who calls them deliberate positive interruptions in her terrific book, Sell From Love.

No matter what we call them, they are empowering and instrumental to effectiveness, engagement, and well-being.

Adding mindful interludes to your day is simple.

It involves intentionally interrupting yourself with something that brings you joy, makes you feel good, or, at the very least, makes you feel okay. Many things can qualify as mindful interludes. Examples include stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, snuggling a pet, savouring a cup of coffee, listening to a favourite song, working out, or enjoying the feeling of the sun on your face for a few minutes. I talk about other ideas in some posts from last year, including “The Real Venting: Opening a ‘window’ to let in a little calm” and “An effective stress management strategy: What’s in your bucket?

There are many reasons why we should all incorporate mindful interludes into our day. I’ll share three today.

1. Mindful interludes enhance your well-being.

When we are overwhelmed, it can feel like we are heavy, tense, tightly wound up, or compressed. In those cases, it’s up to us to add space to our day. I like to think of this as aerating our day with mindful interludes. Imagine poking holes into that tension or density. You’re injecting a bit of joy or goodness into that heaviness, which gives you a little break from the overwhelm.

2. Mindful interludes promote a growth mindset.

By temporarily stepping away from the intensity of your day, you give yourself an opportunity to shift your perspective. When you return to tackling your day, you are more likely to have a more balanced view of the obstacles you are facing. You may be in a better place to acknowledge the ways in which you can grow and learn from a situation, instead of focusing on the frustration. This helps you not only process your stress but also identify a wider range of possible solutions.

3. Mindful interludes boost your confidence.

When you make the decision to add a mindful interlude to your day, you are declaring ownership over your life and your well-being. This reminder that you are in charge of those things boosts your sense of self-worth. Plus, taking a break from the things that are getting you down allows you to shift your focus to something that brings you joy, which reminds you of the good things in your life. When you return to what you were doing before, you will be fueled with new confidence in your ability to figure things out.

Mindful interludes don’t have to be a big deal.

They can be quick. They can be easy. You likely already incorporate some without realizing it. We all do things to try to feel better when we aren’t feeling great. However, there is power in recognizing when we are overwhelmed and consciously deciding to inject a little positivity or joy into our day so that we can get back to feeling okay. Not sure how to do this? I will be adding daily mindful interlude inspiration to my Instagram account. Follow me there @stephanieedward.loraconcepts!

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p.s. The information, insight, and advice I share through my work is meant to exist alongside whatever else you may be doing to bolster your mental health, manage stress, or improve your well-being. Nothing I share is meant to replace directives or treatment plans provided by your doctor, therapist, or other healthcare professional.



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