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Happy New Year! Five Steps for Starting 2024 with more Awareness

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Happy new year!


We’re nearly two weeks into the new year; the year-end hoopla is behind us, decorations are likely put away, and we’re pretty much back to normal.


And NOW is the perfect time to properly welcome the new year!


For today’s blog post, I’m going to share a few ways in which you can mindfully start the new year.


When I say “mindfully”, I’m not talking about meditating per se. (Although that is always welcome!) I’m talking about starting the new year with a little more intention and awareness.


Society tends to rush us into the new year. There is this attitude of “out with the old”, like we can’t take the "trash" out fast enough.


Some years are better than others. Some years are very difficult, and we are eager to put them behind us. Last year wasn’t a great year for a lot of people.


However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn't spend some time contemplating last year before putting all our focus on the new one.


There are many benefits to doing this:

  • You’ll have an easier time being fully present in the new year, if you take some time to let go of the prior one.

  • Even if last year was tough, you still learned things, you still grew. It’s empowering to spend some time contemplating the ways in which you grew.

  • In every year, there are things to be grateful for or things to celebrate. You might be thinking “Pffft yeah right!” In that case, you need to at least acknowledge merely making it through the year... because that is indeed cause for celebration!


As I said in my last blog post, you are enough. The start of a new year should not be a time to focus on your so-called flaws and come up with wild plans to “fix” them.


The start of a new year should be about honouring the wonderful person that you are.

With that in mind, here are five steps for starting the new year with more awareness:


Carve out some time (an hour, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever works for you) to focus exclusively on this activity.


Ask yourself these key questions about 2023. (Think big and small, personally and professionally, for your answers. Do not judge your answers.)

a.       What are your favourite memories from 2023?

b.       What are you proud of in 2023?

c.       What did you learn in 2023?

d.       For what and who are you grateful in 2023?


Ask yourself these key questions about 2024.

a.       What from 2023 do you want to bring with you into the new year?

b.       What from 2023 do you want to leave behind?

c.       What would bring you more joy and peace this year?

d.       How can you bring your personal values to life in 2024?


From the above answers, identify an intention for the year. An intention is different than a resolution. It’s broader, more flexible, and more positive. Intentions are focused on the journey rather than on achieving a quantitative goal. Intentions start from a place of positivity and gratitude for who you are as a person. Examples of intentions could be “Experience more joy”, “Be more present”, “Honour my body and my health”.


Once you identify your intention, brainstorm all the ways in which you can bring that intention to life.


Then, look honestly and critically at that list and identify the things that make sense for YOU to try to incorporate. Be honest and realistic.


As you do this, also consider how you will keep your intention top of mind throughout the year.

What’s most important is that you be compassionate and kind with yourself. Remember, this isn’t about trying to “fix” yourself; you’re already great. It’s about identifying what you want more of in your life and then considering the MANY ways in which you can do so.




Thank you for reading this blog post.


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Happy New Year!




Stephanie Edward

LORA Concepts Inc.

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