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Compassionate Confidence: What's in a name?

Updated: 4 days ago

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Naming Compassionate Confidence

When I was coming up with the concept of Compassionate Confidence, I was stuck on the name for a bit. Other top contenders were Compassionate Effectiveness, Compassionate Performance, or Compassionate Excellence. Those were great runners-up because they capture the essence of this concept very well: they reflect the idea of balancing well-being with achievement.

But, they all lacked alliteration and that’s clearly the most important factor to consider when making this kind of decision.


I ultimately landed on Compassionate Confidence for three reasons:

  1. The concept of confidence is something I hold dear. As a little girl, I was very shy and had pretty low self-confidence. Building my confidence was something I worked hard at and, frankly, am still doing.

  2. In my corporate career, I led a team called the Banker Confidence team, where - shocker of all shockers - we worked on resources and programs to help build the confidence of our front-line teams. My passion for confidence-building only grew in that role.

  3. Finally, I think “confidence” is more inclusive than “performance”, “effectiveness”, and “excellence”. While I admit that I am driven by doing a great job, I know that not everyone is and while I am keen to help other over-achievers, I also know that everyone can benefit from the principles of Compassionate Confidence, regardless of how motivated they may or may not be to ensure high-quality outputs.

So, that’s where it came from!

If you missed my last couple of newsletters, where I introduce the concept of Compassionate Confidence, you can check them out here:

In a nutshell, Compassionate Confidence is about balancing our quest for performance with active ownership of all facets of our well-being.

What do you think of the name I landed on? Would you have chosen differently?

With gratitude,


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p.s. The information, insight, and advice I share through my work is meant to exist alongside whatever else you may be doing to bolster your mental health, manage stress, or improve your well-being. Nothing I share is meant to replace directives or treatment plans provided by your doctor, therapist, or other healthcare professional



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