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Stephanie Edward speaking in front of group of seated people.

Keynote Presentations

My keynote presentations are up to one-hour in duration and are designed to ignite minds and empower my audiences with fresh insights and ideas. 

Explore my keynote presentations below or contact me to discuss a customized presentation tailored to your specific needs.

You can also check out my profile on Innovation Women.

Crush It Without Crushing Yourself

This keynote is intended for high achievers who, in the pursuit of doing great work, often compromise their well-being. 

I have always been a high performer but, for years, continuously sacrificed my well-being to achieve my goals. While my passion for doing excellent work and exceeding expectations remains, I now know how to crush it without crushing myself. In this uplifting and inspiring talk, I share how I learned to balance high performance with well-being, without sacrificing one for the other.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

This keynote is intended for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those who currently work in corporate settings. In this personal talk, I share valuable and lesser-known insights on transitioning from a corporate career to entrepreneurship. With transparency, compassion, and humour, I talk about positives, negatives, and challenges, so that others hoping to one day do the same thing are more informed about the awe-inspiring, overwhelming, wonderful experience of transitioning to entrepreneurship.

What I Wish I Knew Then

This keynote is intended for bankers who work primarily with business-owners. I was a business banker for nearly two decades before deciding to focus full-time on my company. During my transition from financial services to entrepreneurship, I learned many - often surprising - things about being a business-owner that I wish I'd know when I was a business banker. In this talk, I reveal those key insights to empower current business bankers to think more like their business-owner clients.

You're Braver Than You Think

This keynote is intended for women, particularly those who, like so many of us, hold themselves back. In this heartfelt and uplifting talk, I share how I learned to pursue my dreams, despite often being plagued by fear, self-doubt, and a tendency to keep myself small. Attendees will be inspired to treat themselves with compassion as they build their confidence in themselves and learn to embrace their authentic selves, strengths, and dreams.

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