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Discover our services.

We provide relatable and effective information, advice, and practices for managing stress, building confidence, improving well-being, and increasing inner peacefulness.

We offer our content via presentations or workshops and can speak to a variety of topics. Pre-existing workshops and presentations can be found on our services sub-pages. (See buttons below.) However, we can also create custom offerings to meet your specific needs and goals. 

We understand that, whenever an organization asks participants to attend a meeting or event, it must be worth their time. This is where LORA Concepts Inc. and Stephanie shine: our content is immediately relatable and easily applicable and our delivery style is down-to-earth and engaging.

Learn about our clients.

We work  with organizations who want to bring the benefits of our services to their employees, clients, members, partners, boards of directors, or other stakeholders.


Our services are suitable for a range of business types, including medium-sized businesses, corporations, associations, and charitable organizations. 

Our clients typically incorporate our services in one of three ways:

  • By having us do a standalone session for a team-building, wellness, or learning event.

  • By having us do a series of sessions for team-building, wellness, or learning purposes.

  • By having us participate in a larger meeting, conference, or training program, where our segment is used to kick off, wrap up, or provide complementary content in some other way.


What Our Clients Say

"There are so many guided meditation and breathing technique apps and other options out there but I find Stephanie's to be the absolute best!   I find her examples very relatable.  The content really speaks to me and it is something I bring into my day.  I also love the combination of practical (guided meditation/breathing exercise) with some theory and ideas to contemplate. "
Amita A.
Product Manager

Expect professionalism and quality.

 This is what you can expect when you work with Stephanie and LORA Concepts Inc.:


Our relationship begins with a discussion, to help us better understand your needs and goals and to help you better understand our services. 


If customization is required, we will work with you to ensure that LORA Concepts Inc. has the information necessary to adapt the content to ensure it is relevant to your audience.


Pricing is affected by multiple factors including but not limited to audience type and size, session duration, session modality (in-person versus virtual), delivery method, delivery timeline, customization requirements, and travel requirements. 


Once we have enough information and if both parties agree, LORA Concepts Inc. will prepare a proposal based on our discussion. 


When we deliver the session, we will be punctual, professional, and relatable. Delivery of the session includes visual aids like slides and all applicable in-session materials like participant workbooks, activities, or surveys.


After delivery of the session, we will share agreed-upon follow-up materials and survey results, if applicable. We will also look to you to provide feedback on the session.


If you agree to the proposal, we will finalize specifics (including delivery method, deliverables, timing, pricing, etc.) and execute a contract. 


Additional deliverables can include wording for the invitation, basic promotional material,  introduction for session kick-off, in-session materials, wording for session follow-up note, post-session summary document for participants, and/or a feedback survey.

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