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Learn about my clients.

My services are suitable for a range of business types, including medium-sized businesses, corporations, associations, and charitable organizations. 

I have worked with clients in a range of industries, including professional services, manufacturing, and education.

I work  with organizations who want to provide my workshops and presentations to their employees, clients, members, partners, boards of directors, or other stakeholders.

My talks and workshops have been incorporated into recurring leadership or training programs and team-building events. They have also been used as complementary content in meetings or conferences or as standalone sessions.

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Mike Habel

Manager, Learning & Development

Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

We have built Stephanie's Confident & Collected: Mindfulness at Work session into our leadership development curriculum. Stephanie is professional and easy to work with. In addition, her content is relevant and helpful. As a result, Stephanie's session has been identified as a highlight of the program.

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Amita A.

Product Manager

There are so many guided meditation and breathing technique apps and other options out there but I find Stephanie's to be the absolute best!   I find her examples very relatable.  The content really speaks to me and it is something I bring into my day.  I also love the combination of practical (guided meditation/breathing exercise) with some theory and ideas to contemplate.
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Claudia H.

Senior Change Manager

When Stephanie's virtual sessions first became available at the company where I work, I wasn't sure what to expect but they soon became something I looked forward to every week. I tried to attend as much as possible - which is no easy feat with a schedule like mine! Her style makes you feel like she's talking directly to you - she speaks in simple yet profound ways that really hit home for me. I can't tell you the number of times I went to those sessions where the topic was exactly what I needed to hear that day.

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Chris P.

Product Owner

Before attending one of Stephanie's sessions, I'll admit I was skeptical. I'd never done meditation before and I didn't think I would benefit from it. But Stephanie put the whole group right at ease from the get-go and kept everything practical and down-to-earth. I left that session feeling relaxed but energized and with some real tools I can use during my day.

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Cheri W.

Senior Manager, Learning & Development

Stephanie melted my stress away.  In the midst of a hectic work week, her guided meditation brought me back to the present and eased my tension, leaving me refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  Now that's a valuable use of my time!
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Warren S.

Senior Commercial Credit Manager

Profound. One word that best describes the impact of working with Stephanie. It's like the difference between seeing the world through a thick fog on a dark night, vs. viewing it from a 10,000-foot summit on a bright, clear, sunny day. Stephanie will guide you to the summit, and give you the tools to stay there.

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