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compassionate confidence

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Stephanie Edward: white woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses, smiling at the camera

About Stephanie Edward &
LORA Concepts Inc.

I'm Stephanie Edward, founder of LORA Concepts Inc. and workplace engagement facilitator.


High achievement does not have to compromise well-being. Well-being does not have to compromise performance.


As we consider new opportunities or strive for outstanding performance, we often behave in ways that are detrimental to ourselves and to others.


We each already possess what we need to be our best and handle whatever life throws at us. When we interact more discerningly with our internal and external worlds, we unlock an inner wealth of knowledge, and our effectiveness is enhanced.


To this end, I facilitate compassionate confidence.


I help corporate leaders and their people balance high performance with well-being so they can better navigate the high pressure and challenging interpersonal dynamics that accompany their roles. I help them believe in their abilities to figure things out while being compassionate toward themselves and others.


With my empowering insights, actionable guidance, and purpose-driven collaboration, I help corporate professionals elevate their mindsets, deepen their relationships, find their voice, and access their innate ability to face challenges.


Through my people-centric training, engaging keynote presentations, and transformative consulting, I empower corporate professionals to become resilient leaders with introspective clarity, who drive engagement and generate meaningful results.

Go to the About page to learn more about me and my clients!

Below, you'll find my guiding principles, which were the inspiration for the name "LORA".



I believe in kindness towards others, the environment, and ourselves.



I openly share my experiences to help others. I also remain open to new ideas and other ways of being.



I strive to communicate in ways that make it easy for others to relate to what I am saying and see how it can apply to their own lives.



I aim to keep it real.

I'm down-to-earth and practical.

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