Welcome to
LORA Concepts Inc.

Meditation and stress management solutions for busy professionals


Meet Stephanie Edward.

I am the founder and president of LORA Concepts Inc.

This company is an extension of who I am and what I've been doing for so much of my life: helping others be their best.

I have a unique combination of training and experience that enables me to relate to people's challenges and offer relatable advice for navigating them.  

Through LORA Concepts Inc., I work with individuals and businesses to help them harness the power of meditation and yoga.  I offer concrete ways to apply these concepts to their everyday lives, including how to manage stress and build confidence.

Through this work, I strive to be kind, open, relatable, and authentic. 



I believe in kindness towards others, the environment, and ourselves.



I openly share my experiences to help others. I also remain open to new ideas and other ways of being.



I strive to communicate in ways that make it easy for others to relate to what I am saying and see how it can apply to their own lives.



I aim to keep it real.

I'm down-to-earth and practical.