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LORA Concepts Inc.

Inner Calm | Focus | Connection

Peaceful office, decorated primarily in white.
Logo that says "LORA Concepts Inc. by Stephanie Edward"

About LORA Concepts Inc.

I'm Stephanie Edward, the founder of LORA Concepts Inc.


Through LORA Concepts Inc., I work with organizations who want to help their employees, clients, members, or other stakeholders be more conscious, gain clarity, improve their concentration, deepen connections, build confidence, and manage stress. I draw on meditation and mindfulness philosophy to provide relatable and effective information, insight, and techniques.

Go to the About page to learn more about me or visit the Services page for more details on my offerings and what it's like to work with me.

Below, you'll find my guiding principles, which were the inspiration for the name "LORA".



I believe in kindness towards others, the environment, and ourselves.



I openly share my experiences to help others. I also remain open to new ideas and other ways of being.



I strive to communicate in ways that make it easy for others to relate to what I am saying and see how it can apply to their own lives.



I aim to keep it real.

I'm down-to-earth and practical.

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