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workplace confidence & engagement

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Stephanie Edward: white woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses, smiling at the camera

About Stephanie Edward &
LORA Concepts Inc.

I'm Stephanie Edward, founder of LORA Concepts Inc. and workplace engagement facilitator.


I help leaders make their people want to stick around and thrive in their roles.

My approach is built on nearly two decades of experience in high-pressure corporate roles, master's level business education, and extensive research. 

I have a unique ability to relate to the issues that affect professionals’ and high achievers' confidence, engagement, and happiness at work. I have nearly two decades of experience in high-pressure corporate roles, including business development, treasury consulting, credit underwriting, strategy, employee enablement, and adult learning. I have enjoyed and benefited from each of these opportunities but have also experienced the many challenges that can accompany them.

I am passionate about helping others build compassionate confidence. Through effective corporate training, engaging keynote presentations, and transformative consulting, I empower professionals to connect with others, elevate their mindsets, hone their focus, manage their stress, and engage their people.

Leaders ultimately see an improvement in employee engagement, well-being, and effectiveness.

Go to the About page to learn more about me and my clients!

Below, you'll find my guiding principles, which were the inspiration for the name "LORA".



I believe in kindness towards others, the environment, and ourselves.



I openly share my experiences to help others. I also remain open to new ideas and other ways of being.



I strive to communicate in ways that make it easy for others to relate to what I am saying and see how it can apply to their own lives.



I aim to keep it real.

I'm down-to-earth and practical.

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